Support Eco Justice

At the Alliance for Ecotherapy & Social Justice we know that taking action to do our part to support Justice for the Earth and Our Communities is a critical task for the fields of Ecotherapy and Ecopsychology to be able to evolve and be in alignment with Social Justice .   The fields of Ecotherapy and Ecopsychology must move beyond just focusing on connecting to nature because it makes humans feel better, and move towards a reciprocal circle of care to engage with and support various forms of activism on behalf of the Earth.  

Liberation Ecotherapy™  moves beyond the paradigm of 1:1 privatized psychotherapy or Ecopsychotherapy to community based Ecotherapies that are aligned with Social Justice and led by and for Indigenous, Black and other communities of the Global Majority.  

We are all uncomfortable, no one person, group, or government has all of the answers. But our ancestors, and our children are calling us to do the work of healing and transforming the legacies of colonization, genocide, and slavery to help give birth to the New Earth that is pushing her way through.

At the AESJ we are grateful for and support this essential work of Ecojustice.  

We encourage you to support these projects
Indigenous Environmental Network
Stop Line 3
Sogorea Te’ Land Trust
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